Church Choir

In the third week of October 2017, the practice for Christmas began. Our Presbyter Rev. Christopher Samuel, requested Mr. Vivek Vincent to shoulder the responsibility to lead the church choir. The announcements were made for the members of the congregation to join the choir for practice. A significant number of individuals, many with little or no prior musical experience participated in the choir.

As the choir practice for Carol by candlelight service, was behind schedule it was decided that the choir practice would be conducted on Saturday evenings, Sunday after worship service and at times during the week.

The Choir consisting of 30 voices (Male & Female) and Six Musicians performed 12 Christmas Anthems in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. The carol by Candle Light service in December 2017 was an excellent programme. I thank the choir members for their dedication and cooperation.

The Choir would like to place on record its thanks to the digital wing, specially Mrs Bisha & Mr Shaji, Mrs Prabha & Mr Alexander, for helping out in projecting the hymns for the Sunday Worship services. Thanks also to Mr. Thomas Mani & Mr. Andrew John for helping with the audio system.

We thank Mr. Vivek Vincent for his ability to deliver the best in a short duration of time.

We thank Mrs. Keren Samuel, Mrs. Thangam Rajarathinam for liaising with the PC. Thanks to the Musicians viz., Mr. Samuel Chelliah, Mr. Solomon Y, Mr. Deepak Joshua, Mr. Glen Dally, Mr. Nithin Franklin, Mr. Avinash Samuel and Master. Jonathan John for their support and assistance.

And finally, thanks to Rev Christopher Samuel for his constant support of this ministry, the pastorate committee members and the congregation for their receptiveness to our musical arts and presentations.

We pray that we will continue to enrich the church’s worship service.


  • Improve the choir’s overall tonal quality
  • Have consistent and regular choir practices
  • Have a workshop for the Choir & Chorus singing team
  • Expand the Hymns and Tamil Lyric repertoire
  • Expand the Hymns and Tamil Lyric repertoire