Hospital Visits

The ‘Hospital Visits’ of CSI Divya Shanthi Church was started by Late Mr. Johny Thomas, when he was the Secretary of the Church, 19 years ago.

The ‘Hospital Visits’ were started as a part of the social action of the church. The church team visits are on the 1st Sunday of the month. The team leaves the Church at 4:00 pm sharp in our own vehicles and return by about 6:30 pm. The team, generally, visits the CSI Hospital, located near Bangalore Cantonment Railway station.

The team visits the Geriatric Ward located on the 4th Floor of the CSI Hospital with flowers and chocolates. The group sings choruses, popular hymns & spiritual songs and ends with a short prayer. Other wards are also visited in case any of our church members or others known to the group, admitted in the Hospital. On a request and permission from family members of non-Christian patients, we sing and pray for those admitted in different wards. We encourage the nurses, the patients and visitors to join along in the singing & prayers. The patients of the ward look forward to this monthly visit.

The group also attempts to meet some of our own Church members who may be sick or recovering from illness or surgery at their residences. This is generally on the same day of the hospital visit depending on the proximity of their residences.

One regular member of the team was a Retired Nurse, Sr. Hopcroft affectionately called Sr. Hoppy. She is about 94 yrs 'young'. She would play a small 4 stringed guitar called Eukalali. She stays in ‘The Friend In Need Society’ an old age home adjacent to the CSI Hospital. Till about 2 years ago she used to visit the wards of CSI Hospital, Bangalore every day for more than 30 years."