Couples' Fellowship

A strong marriage and godly family serve as salt and light in a world, characterized by confused, disoriented, and disintegrating families. The Couples Fellowship was initiated in 2013 by Rt. Rev Prasana Kumar Samuel while he was the presbyter in charge to facilitate more fellowship with other members to care, pray and help to learn and unlearn from each other through group discussions, debates,and other innovative activities.We work with a motto of Trust God to raise godly families to be His witness.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain”. Psalm 127:1

We encourage members to involve in the church activities hence contributing to the larger community. Over the years, we have been concentrating on different aspects of marriage such as commitment, companionship, communication, acceptance etc to strengthen the bonding between husband, wife and their extended families.

Few members testified as follows:

“Insights from another mother, a wife who has walked before me, have helped me to face my everyday challenges with God’s courage”.
“Couples wing Bible study helps us to apply the Bible to our practical life.”
“The wing nourished our relationship, helped growing in Christ as a couple.”
“Before there was no one to share our issues, but now we heard a lot of experiences, sharing, hurdling on God’s word, helping us to handle tough situations with prayer and seeking God’s intervention.”

What we do:

Home Builders Bible study group:Group discussions on exclusive family aspects such as Effective Communication, Resolving conflict etc on 2nd and 4th Sunday after the service.

Family Fellowships: In order to strengthen the fellowship among the members, we had family fellowship at different families mostly four in a year. We had interesting debates on in-law relationships, the discussion on how to handle finances etc. We also watch Christian movies which are relevant to families.

One day Family Retreat: We had four retreats for the members and various subjects like oneness in marriage, the roles of husband & wife, father& mother, parenting, mentoring- process, and challenges. These were handled mostly by activities and real-life Case studies.

Christmas Outreach: The outreach is to enhance the vision of the members in reaching the needy and the underprivileged with the love of Christ. We had two outreaches where the members raised funds and distributed blankets to boys in a mission hostel and distributed synthetic mattresses to a destitute home.

Couples Fellowship Sunday & Workshop: The pastor graciously allowed us to conduct the Sunday service on 20th August 2017 as Couples Fellowship Sunday. By God’s grace, all members earnestly prayed, practiced and executed all aspects of the service in a blessed manner. We also had a workshop on Effective Communication after the service till 3 pm. Many new couples also joined for the workshop and all were really profited from the workshop. It was a real joy to see the members of the wing come along and support the event by all means.

We as the members of the Couples Fellowship, thank God for His guidance and provisions in the past. We really appreciate our Bishop, Rt. Rev P K Samuel and our pastor Rev. Christopher Samuel for their continuous encouragement and the present and past members of the Pastorate Committees for their support in all aspects. We pray for God’s continuous favor to help the members of the congregation to develop Godly families to be the light and the salt of the world.