Communication Wing

Paul says in 2 Timothy 4:2a ‘Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season;’ this is exactly what we, at the communication wing is doing round the clock. Our Church website and SMS are taking the Gospel across the globe. Through this ministry, many are blessed.

The Digital wing was formed in 2010, when Mr. Madhukar was the secretary of the church, to meet the digital needs of the Church. It was later renamed as the communication wing. The first thing this team did was to build the Church website http://csidivyashanthichurch. net/ and launched it on August 2010 at the 32nd Church anniversary.

The inspiring sermons of our previous pastor and current Bishop, Rt. Rev. P K Samuel motivated us to record the Sunday Service messages and make a digital library for future use. We later uploaded the Sunday Service messages in the website. This has been a great blessing ever since 2012 to many across the globe. A CD with the recorded sermons and a prayer of the pastor was handed over to every family during the church anniversary celebrations on three occasions.

The communication wing also came up with the idea to have the LCD projector to display the Church songs and Bible reading passages. Later Rev Christopher Samuel, taking over as the presbyter, suggested that the whole Service can be projected on the LCD projector, to make everyone follow the Service, Bible passages and prayers.

The wing is, actively, involved in taking photographs during festivals and on special occasions and preserving them for the future. It is managed entirely by our member, Mr. Sudhir Kumar.

As the members grew considerably over the last few years, the need was felt to telecast the Service for the people seated outside the church. Hence a 360-degree camera and five TV monitors were installed to cater this need. This initiative has been well received and appreciated by our members.

To connect with Church members and families on a daily basis, a Whatsapp group was formed. Mrs. Keren Samuel manages this group.

The SMS wing was formed to send a daily verse to every member of the church and focus their thoughts towards God every morning. This was indeed, God’s Leading. It began as a group of 10-15 members who were willing to send SMS to at least 20- 25 members of the church at their own cost. They started sending Bible verses from the book of Psalms.

The SMS Wing (now part of Communication wing) sent a Bible verse along with a greeting on all the weekdays around 6 AM to all the church members and also inform them about various important news, prayer request and condolences on need.

There are testimonies of people who said that they were encouraged and then have the new courage to start the day with the word of God. Mrs. Lydia Rajaiah chooses the verse for every day.

The members who are part of this wing, meet once a while for a quick coffee, discuss, and share different issues and feedback from various members of the church. We wish to be a channel of blessing to all as always and look forward to take care of the digital communication needs of our CSI Divya Shanthi Church.